A bold direction


Construction is often described as a slow moving industry. We do not believe that this needs to be the case. By employing cutting-edge technology, integrated systems and live market data, we endeavour to provide our clients with all the information they need to prepare for success, and the ability to adapt to whatever challenges they may encounter .

We are also conducting research into how Artificial Intelligence can be integrated into traditional surveying processes to bring Construction into the future.

Our Vision

To use the latest technology, systems and data to prepare our clients for success and provide them with the ability to adapt to any challenge

Using cutting-edge technology

We use the latest in estimating computer software, including CostX and Bluebeam to ensure that the most accurate quantities are measured.


Integrated systems

By being able to integrate 3D modelling with the RICS’ New Rules of Measurement we are able anticipate challenges and proactively develop new capabilities to address the evolving needs of our clients. Our relentless focus on innovation leads to smarter building practices and technology that reduces complexity throughout our projects.

Live market data

Our breadth of expertise across services and markets helps us to gather a considerable and ever-growing database of market costs. This allows us to develop unique cost projections for each project’s complex challenges.

Our Commitments

We know that every decision has an impact


PROJEKT Build is our initiative to buying and developing land and brownfield sites, in a responsible manner, sympathetic to the needs of the future. Should you be looking to sell a site or collaborate in a development with a responsible and ethical company, please get in touch.

Working with the RICS

We believe in contributing to the greater good and encourage our team to explore opportunities to contribute to, participate in, and partner with organizations that embrace education, empathy, and enterprise.


We see projects through and proactively develop solutions to exceed expectations. Operational excellence instills quality principles that tangibly demonstrate success.

Our Core Values

Preparation. Adaptation. Collaboration. Innovation. Resolution.

These core values have been with us since the beginning, and they’ve infused who we are and how we build. Nothing brings us more excitement than transforming the skyline — and we do it by setting our standards high, striving for the best, building trust, and lifting up the people around us.

Your next-generation construction partners