Creating a safe, dynamic future


The future of the built en­vironment lies at the very heart of what we do. We are changemakers and action takers. We have launched PROJEKT Build which seeks to buy and develop land in a responsible way, promoting sustainable construction methods and holding ourselves accountable for the legacy that we leave future generations.


Developing Land

PROJEKT Build is our initiative to buying and developing land and brownfield sites, in a responsible manner, sympathetic to the needs of the future. Should you be looking to sell a site or collaborate in a development with a responsible and ethical company, please get in touch.

We see with a 360-degree approach

Our proven method allows us to take a building project from inception, through planning, to construction, through to completion.

We lead the way

Thinking about responsible construction through a different lens starts at the top: our senior leaders invest time and resources in the most advanced technologies and equipment, but they also empower each consultant to feel responsible for creating a culture of sustainability and safety.

We watch out for each other

We want every trade partner to feel that they are part of a common good and cohesive team. We help our teams form stronger relationships with trade partners by emphasizing people and teamwork over processes and checklists.

Buying & Selling

We buy potential construction sites and develop them into homes, retail & commercial spaces, expanding communities and bringing people together

Private Investors

We have long-standing relationships with private investors who we can put you in touch with, who may be interested in buying or investing in your site.​


Are you seeking to collaborate on a development or raise funding? We may be able to help.